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The Threat to Golden


Undeveloped land known as the Golden Overlook is home to a variety of flora and fauna and the C-470 bikeway.  It has excellent solar energy potential.  But it has now been targeted for industrial / commercial use by developers.

The Alternative


The Golden Overlook is a prime location for commercial solar energy, which can help Golden achieve its renewable energy goals.  It also serves as a trailhead to the Green Mountain Open Space and hosts the C-470 bikeway. Learn more about this unique part of Golden.

Take Action Now!

Take action now to support more open space, parks and recreation in Golden.

A grassroots ballot initiative is now circulating in Golden to give all voters in Golden a chance to support open space, parks, trails, community gardens, and solar energy gardens in the Golden Overlook.  Learn how to add your name to this ballot initiative.

News Media Coverage

Golden Transcript News Story


The Golden Transcript newspaper wrote this story after the Golden Planning Commission voted against the Overlook industrial development.

Denver Post Coverage


The Denver Post called the proposed Overlook development "an eyesore stuck in your center view".  See what the Post's reporter wrote about this plan.

Fox 31 News Coverage

Fox 31 TV story on community opposition to the Overlook development plan

Fox 31 TV aired this story after the proposed Overlook development plan was unveiled to the public and opposition began to quickly mount against it.

Channel 4 News Story


Channel 4 TV aired this story about plans by developers to place an intensive commercial development on the Golden Overlook land.

About Our Citizen Initiative

Our Citizen Alliance

Find out more about the Open Space Golden non-profit community alliance.

Open Space Golden is a Colorado non-profit, community-based organization that promotes more open space, parks,  biking and hiking trails, community gardening, and solar gardens in Golden.

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Our non-profit citizen advocacy group is growing rapidly.  Sign up to volunteer with us and become a part of a citizen initiative that has committed to making a positive difference for our City.

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Can you contribute even $5 to help fund our non-profit citizen effort and help us get the word to all Golden citizens?   Make a donation online quickly and securely to help us pursue our mission!

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Open Space Golden is a Colorado non-profit organization comprised of Golden citizens dedicated to pursuing a core mission:  to create more open space, parks, recreation, community gardens, and solar energy gardens for our city.  Help our non-profit alliance make a difference!

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