Golden Planning Commission Opposed This Development

But the City Council Reversed That Decision in Spite of Appeals From Hundreds of Golden Families

Developers proposed in 2019 to re-zone the undeveloped land known as the Golden Overlook (pictured above) to allow for a variety of commercial and industrial uses.  This proposed re-zoning would have had substantial and highly negative impacts on the Golden Heights and Golden Hills neighborhoods, where families have lived for decades.

On May 1, 2019, the Golden Planning Commission held a public hearing after a careful examination of the developer's plan.  Dozens of families and area residents turned out to testify against the proposal. Every single resident who showed up at the hearing expressed strong opposition to the proposal development.   Kids even testified about their fears of what the developmenet would do to the Golden Heights Park where they played.

Under Section 18.28.350 of the Municipal Code, an Official Development Plan (such as the developers' Overlook proposal) must meet all of the following requirements:

  • The proposed development will be in harmony and compatible with the character of the surrounding areas and neighborhood in terms of use, scale, site design, and operating characteristics (e.g. hours of operation, traffic generation, lighting, noise, odor, dust, and other external impacts) or which are made compatible through appropriate transitions at the boundaries of the PUD district plan (e.g., through decreases in building height; through significant distance or separation by rights-of-way landscaping or similar features; or through innovative building design); 

  • Will be in accordance with the Golden Comprehensive Plan and also result in positive benefits for the surrounding area or an improvement in the quality of the project not possible under existing zoning; 


  • Will not result in an over-intensive use of land; 

  • Will not have a material adverse effect on community capital improvements programs; 

  • Will not require a level of community facilities and services greater than that which is available. 

  • Will not result in undue traffic congestion or traffic hazards; 

  • Will not cause significant air, water, or noise pollution; 

  • Will be adequately landscaped, buffered, and screened;

  • Will not otherwise be detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of the present or future inhabitants of Golden

After reviewing the many negative impacts of this proposal, the Golden Planning Commission voted 4-2 against the developer's plans, citing their believe that the proposal did not meet all of the requirements cited above.  

City Council Rejects Concerns by Planning Commission and Area Residents

However, in a shocking reversal, the Golden City Council later rejected the recommendations of its own Planning Commission and voted to approve the developer's plan. The concerns of neighborhood families were largely dismissed -- and even belittled -- by at least one City Council member.

What did the City Council approve?  You can see the details here.

Hundreds of Golden Heights and Golden Hills residents were stunned, and angry, that the City Council sided with a commercial developer over their legitimate concerns.  Many have lived in Golden Heights and Golden Hills for decades.  

That is why these citizens of Golden have now organized themselves to pursue a ballot initiative to block this ill-conceived development,  They want to give the voters of Golden a chance to have a direct say in what is appropriate for this land.

Official PUD for the Golden Overlook as proposed by a developer.
Official PUD for the Golden Overlook as proposed by a developer.