The Overlook

Where is the Overlook?


The Golden Overlook is land located in the southern "gateway" of Golden, and is the first visual aspect of Golden that millions see each year when approaching from the south.

The Development Threat

Developers have targeted the Golden Overlook

A plan was unveiled in 2019 to re-zone this land for commercial and light industrial uses, which would impact local neighborhoods and dramatically change Golden's southern gateway.

Neighborhood Impacts


Development of this land could result in hundreds of additional car and truck trips per day down the already congested streets of 4th Avenue in Golden Heights / Hills. 

Citizens Are Taking Action


The non-profit Open Space Golden citizen alliance is working to stop inappropriate commercial development of the Overlook.  Learn more about our effort.

Let Golden Voters Vote!


Our coalition is circulating a ballot initiative to allow the voters of Golden to decide on a more appropriate zoning for the Golden Overlook.  Find out how you can support this effort.

Where is the Overlook?

The location of the Golden Overlook land.

The Overlook Land

The Overlook is an undeveloped 27-acre parcel of land located in Golden's southern gateway.  It is the first piece of Golden that millions of people see each year as they approach Golden from the south on I-70 and C-470.  The accompanying photo shows where this land is located.

In many ways, this land is the southern front door to Golden. The land is undeveloped and beautiful (see photos below).  The very popular C-470 Bikeway runs through the property.

This property has highly limited vehicular access -- one way in and one way out.  It is often described as one of the nation's "longest cul-de-sacs."  To access the Overlook, vehicles must wind through the residential streets of the communities of Golden Heights and Golden Hills. The primary access road to the Overlook through these communities is 4th Avenue, which is already highly congested.  

If you do not support industrialization of this land, go here to see what you can do to protect this land and encourage its use for solar energy, community gardening, parkland, hiking and biking trails, and open space.

Photos of the Golden Overlook

The Golden Overlook Land


Home to Flora and Fauna


Golden's Southern Gateway

Map of the Golden Overlook