The Threat Golden Residents Face

The industrial / commerial development proposed for the Golden Overlook will have severe impacts on the residential neighborhoods of Golden Heights and Golden HIlls. These include the following:

  • It would cause hundreds of additional vehicle trips per day down the already congested street of 4th Avenue in the Golden Heights and Golden Hills communities.  See the photo at right.


  • This traffic would be forced through the circuitous streets of a quiet residential neighborhood with no easy or direct way out.

  • This crush of new traffic would also worsen traffic load on Orchard St, the 6th Avenue Frontage Road, and the intersection of 6th Avenue Frontage Road and Indiana.


  • The development would further degrade the residential quality of the Golden Heights and Golden Hills neighborhoods, which already suffer from continuing negative impacts from several industrial operations located within our neighborhood. 


  • It would place Golden families and children at greater safety risk from increased vehicular traffic that would be funneled along the narrow road corridor that runs along the Golden Heights Park and Soccer Fields.    

  • It would degrade the natural beauty, public image, and brand value of the City of Golden, given that such a commercial development would present one of the first visual images of Golden that millions of people each year see upon approaching Golden on C—470 and on I-70 from the mountains.    

  • It may lead to inappropriate, unlawful, and potentially dangerous use of public lands and trails adjacent to and within the Green Mountain Open Space.    

  • It would exacerbate the growing problem of nighttime light pollution in the Golden area. 

This is 4th Avenue, which is supposed to be able to handle hundreds more vehicle trips per  day?
This is 4th Avenue, which is supposed to be able to handle hundreds more vehicle trips per day?

What Zoning is Appropriate for the Overlook?

Homeowners and residents in the neighborhoods that would be impacted by development of the Overlook land believe strongly that neither a commercial nor residential zoning for this property makes sense.  The traffic and safety impacts to our neighborhoods from both a residential development or industrialization of the Overlook are very significant.

Residents of the neighboring Golden Heights and Golden Hills communities considered a variety of prospective uses for this land that they felt would be more appropriate than commercial or industrial zoning.  They also considered uses that would deliver benefits to all citizens of Golden.  After much discussion, community residents voted overwhelmingly to support the following five uses on this land:

  1. Open Space
  2. Parkland
  3. Bicycle and hiking paths
  4. Community Gardening
  5. Solar Gardens

Working through the Open Space Golden organization, area residents intend to give the voters of Golden the opportunity to vote to approve a re-zoning of this land to allow for these five approved uses through a ballot initiative.